Tasting Lounge

Wine Tasting Lounge

Cypher recently moved the tasting lounge from Hwy 46 west location to the new Cypher Tasting Lounge at the historic Paso Robles train depot. With raving reviews from club members and Paso Robles wine tourists, the lounge at the historic Paso Robles Train Depot has been a smashing success. With the original wood floors and windows from the late 1800’s, the restored train depot is brimming with character. In addition to Cypher Wines, you will enjoy expanded offerings from Susan’s hand crafted EarthFire body products and Crickets & Tumbleweed culinary line. Club members are invited to exclusive farm to table experiences at Cypher’s Westside Paso Robles estate.

In the New downtown Cypher tasting lounge, we feature a new wine tasting flight, food pairings, and library wine selections.

Cypher Winery Tasting Room Downtown Paso Robles

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